Friday, 14 October 2016

Misuse of Government Vehicles

Posted by Anup Baral | October 13, 2016 :
The Department of Transport and Public Works' Government Motor Transport manages the use of government vehicles in Nepal.The misuse of government vehicles has emerged as a major problem and is on the rise in Jajarkot of late, thanks to the apathy of the concerned authorities. Stakeholders said the vehicles granted by the government for official use are being used for personal reasons. “The government vehicles are often seen carrying the families of government officials to some private or personal programmes like weddings, picnics, fairs and feasts,” said stakeholders. A few months ago, the ambulance of Jajarkot District Health Office was being used to ferry staff members and run personal errands until it broke down. The vehicle is now stored at some garage for repairs. Similarly, three motorbikes of the office are also being used to run personal errands of the employees here.

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