Monday, 17 October 2016

Namaste Europe Episode 210

Posted by Anup Baral October 18, 2016 :
1 Non-Resident Nepalis Organization activities 2015-2016 how much success how much frailer
2 PM Prachanda impress with President Dr Ghale, regularly then different 13th NRNA Day focuses on Model village Laprak Gorkha Nepal
3 13th NRNA Day closing very simply on Soltee Hotle , President Dr Gale very excited
4 MIssion by NRNA e- Library one more inauguration in Jhapa Nepal target quality education
Masterpiece is a simple story of a local riotous hero Yuva (Yash). Like every mother, Yuva's mother wants her son to be a welly educated and respected in the society. Her dream is see her son as a freedom fighter like Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekar Azad. But, Yuva dislikes his mother's opinion about life and he finds short-cut to become successful and familiar as 'BOSS', a baddie. Yuva becomes a youth icon from his school days and continues to be the same as he grew up. Impressed with the local power, after winning a college election, Noor Ahmed (Achyuth Kumar), a local politician comes in search of Yuva for seeking support for elections. The story takes a new turn from here, as Yuva joins hands with politicians to become popular in the society. This what happens in the complete first-half of the movie.

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