Thursday, 13 October 2016

Nepal women's cricket team defeat Hong Kong

Posted by Anup Baral | October 13, 2016 :
Nepal women’s cricket team have won their fourth match against Hong Kong by 6 runs during the ICC Women’s World Cup Qualifying Series Asia Region at Kowloon Cricket Club of Hong Kong, on Thursday. Hong Kong’s innings concluded at 69 runs when they lost all their wickets in 17.4 overs. They fell short of 7 runs from reaching the target of 76 runs Nepal had posted. Nepal’s Karuna Bhandari took three wickets including that of Kanwardeep Keenu Gill, Marina Lamplough and Jenefer Davies. She was named the player of the match. Kary Chan scored 18 runs off 22 balls, Mariko Hill scored 13 off 16 balls and Keenu Gill scored 10 off 19 balls. Hong Kong had 10 extras. This is Nepal’s second win in the series. In the last match with Hong Kong on October 9, Nepal had lost by six wickets.

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