Sunday, 30 October 2016

Ram Chandra Paudel Theratened By Public At Tanahau

Posted by Anup Baral Oct 31, 2016 :
Ram Chandra Paudel is one of the leader and minister of Nepal who is from Nepali Congress political party. He was born in Tanahau and Tanahau's people have voted him and elected as their representative from Tanahau for the development of Nepal and the development of Tanahau. But when Nepali Congress came into Government, people of Tanahau were upset when Ram Chandra Paudel didn't move forward a step for the development of the place. When Ram Chandra Paudel went to Tanahau, people of Tanahau surrounded him and said in his face that their vote went waste as he was not doing in favor of them.

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