Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Ranjana Sharma Says She Has Not Got Married With Shyam Bhattarai - Interview

Posted by Anup Baral Oct 26, 2016 :
Actress Ranajana Sharma has returned back to Nepal for a short time on a vacation. She has came Nepal to celebrate Dashain Tihar festival and to meet families and relatives. She shares that she never got married with director Shyam Bhattarai. They got engaged but later she realized that she is doing mistake so both of them didn’t got married. According to Ranajana, she realizes her mistake of being together with Shyam Bhattarai and this became viral and media published wrong news about their marriage and divorce but nothing happened like that. She also shares that she is planning to come back in movies if she gets good script. Watch an exclusive video interview with actress Ranjana Sharma right here on Canada Nepal:

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