Friday, 7 October 2016

Second Dashain in Tents

Posted by Anup Baral October 08 , 2016 :
With the onset of Dashain, festive mood is in the air throughout the country, except for the victims of the April earthquake who are yet to come to terms with the bitter reality. Kaman Singh Tamang, a quake victim, of Hakku-9, Mailung of Rasuwa district is in no mood of merrymaking. The father of two is left alone to look after his sick children after losing his wife to the devastating quake. Both of his children -15-month-old son Anurag and 26-month-old daughter Ketu have been suffering from fever and common cold for several days. "Anurag has not eaten anything for several days and cries all the time," a tearful Tamang, who is worried about the health of his children complained. His home, cattle along with the entire Mailung settlement was buried in landslide triggered by the magnitude 7.8 earthquake of April 25. Fifty-nine people of his village including his wife, Rubi, were killed in the earthquake. Rubi had gone to collect fodder for the livestock that day but never returned. Even her dead body has not yet been recovered.

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