Sunday, 16 October 2016

Tihar Song by Pashupati Sharma & Janaki Tarami Magar HD

Posted by Anup Baral | October 16, 2016 :Tihar is a five-day-long festival celebrated in Nepal and the Indian states of Assam, Sikkim and Darjeeling in West Bengal that comes soon after Dashain. It is celebrated by all Nepalese (Nepali people) and Indian Gorkhas.
Tihar is the most celebrated festival after Dashain in Nepal. It is a five-day festival celebrated in late autumn.Sunrise Music Presents:- Tihar song
song:- Tihar
Vocal:- Pashupati Sharma/Janaki Tarami Magar
Lyrics:- Pashupati Sharma
Music:- Pashupati Sharma
Publisher/Distributer:- Sunrise Music Pvt. Ltd. 9843064685
Director:- Prakash Bhatta
Cinematographer:- Harish Mahara
Editor:- Bishnu Sharma
Model:- Pashupati Sharma/Janaki Tarami Magar

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