Monday, 28 November 2016

A boy looking after his small brother

Nepal is a poor landlocked country located on south east of Asia. Though it is rich on all kinds of core resources but still it is poor country. From my blog I want to share my thoughts on this particular subject with intension of gathering all kind of thoughts and opinions from all the viewers. I particularly advised all viewers to accept as challenge and please join as a team. Success won’t be coming unless we move forward. I believe, for any success generating ideas is first step to move forward. Those people who heard of Nepal, we all know it is a beautiful country, rich on natural resources and more importantly habitat of kindness people. With all those characters but Nepal is still Poor country. Two quarter of population live on poverty level, on a verge of collapse, lack of needed services to citizens and there are many more where its shows all needed characters to be name as poorest country. And similarly it has all characters to a rich country. For example, Nepal is second richest country on clean waters, nation of beautiful scenarios, habitat of several unique animals and birds, full of resources and many many more. I can go on for days to list all those. So with all those why still Nepal is a poor country and what should be done to overcome such obstacles?

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