Sunday, 27 November 2016

Buddhi Tamang Hait Interview - Video Interview

Posted by Anup Baral Nov 28, 2016 :
Buddhi Tamang is actor from theater who got into limelight after his performance in Kabaddi film. His character which says Hait became popular overnight especially after his dialogue on Kabaddi Kabaddi got into highlight which made him celebrity overnight. He was featured in few movies earlier but he didn’t come into highlight from those roles. He takes the role of Hait as his career’s turning point. After Kabaddi, he was invited by Meri Bassai to be part of the serial as Hanuman. He is still being featured in Meri Bassai as Hanuman. After Kabaddi Kabaddi, Buddhi Tamang has signed Deepak – Deepa’s Chhaka Panja where he is one of the lead characters of the film. Buddhi Tamang speaks with Canada Nepal on an exclusive interview about his life’s ups and down and how he reached to this level after huge struggle. Watch an exclusive video interview on Canada Nepal:

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