Saturday, 26 November 2016

Chhabiraj Ojha Talk With Shilpa Father & Mother

Posted by Anup Baral November 27, 2016 : Sushan Susan Bhari and ben Ben Kitt bowling to England at Trent Bridge.source: The Cornish Cricket Company
Producer Chabi Raj Ojha has recently divorced Rekha Thapa officially. After 4 to 5 years staying separate, both of them have officially did divorced. Chabi says that he is willing to get married within Dashain so he has ended this relation officially and now he showed desire of marrying Shilpa Pokharel. He said that he will approach Shilpa first to get married with him and if she agrees than he will marry. But if she says to wait her than he won’t be waiting her and marry another girl. After Rekha Thapa, Chabi is approaching Shilpa for marrying. Both Rekha and Shilpa were introduced in film industry by Chabi Ojha and both of them have became lucky for Chabi as their films are all super hit. Watch an exclusive interview with Chabi Ojha on Canada Nepal:

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