Saturday, 19 November 2016

Husband and sons of Kanchan Sharma Regmi

Posted by Anup Baral November 18th, 2016 :
Nepali Congress (NC) central leader Sujata Koirala has been diagnosed with breast cancer. According to a source, Koirala was on a visit to Malaysia when she was taken to a hospital after she complained of dizziness. At the hospital, she was diagnosed with breat cancer. “She underwent operation in Malaysia,” the source said, “Her biopsy report is yet to come.” Koirala, who stayed in Malaysia for a week for the treatment, underwent surgery on her left breast. It is learnt that Koirala returned to Nepal only a few days ago. Doctors attending to her in Malaysia told her that the cancer could quickly spread to her right breast as well. So, they advised her for a timely treatment, adding that her cancer is curable as it is in its first stage.

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