Sunday, 13 November 2016

Joya and jiwan return back to Nepal

Posted by Anup Baral | November 14, 2016 : Jiwan and joya Philipines wife and Nepali husband, Joya and Jiwan have returned back to nepal after 3 months of effort from the Nepali living all over the world. Joya was sent to Philippines when she was found living in Nepal illegally unofficially marrying a Nepali guy named Jiwan Magar. They have two kids whose birth certificate couldn't be made in Nepal because of their mother being illegal. Jiwan was accused of mis treating Joya and was sent back home in Philippines.
But, after a while she started missing her family in Philippines and had issues with her husband Jiwan. She was taken to Adarsha Nari Bikash Kendra IWDC Idea Home bharatpur. The organization coordinated with the Philippines embassy for her return to Philippines. After she wen to Philippines, the issue was covered widely in media. Jiwan later decided to go to Philippines to bring Joya back home. He recently went to Philippines and got a formal marriage ceremony there. He also registered the marriage.

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