Sunday, 27 November 2016

Nepal tourism sets goal to boost arrivals of tourists

Posted by Anup Baral November 27, 2016 : Sushan Susan Bhari and ben Ben Kitt bowling to England at Trent Bridge.source: The Cornish Cricket Company
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the tourism strategy of Nepalese government and attempts to examine the prospects and potentiality of tourism in Nepal. The main aim of this work is to focus the purpose of visitors in the country, their mode of arrival, period of stay and development of hotel industry. Furthermore, this study traces holiday pleasure trips as well as mountaineering and trekking has been the dominant part of a tourist arrival in the country from the beginnings. Today tourism has become a major enterprise in Nepal. It is an economic backbone of the country and has been priority wise placed at the fourth position in the Ninth Five Year Development Plan (1997-2002) (Kakshapati, 2001: pp.18-19). Thus, the promotion of tourism in the true sense started more or less only after 1950. Prior to 1950, we don’t find any plan, policy regarding tourism in Nepal. Nepal Tourism Marketing Strategy (1976-81), is a study done by Joseph-Edward Susnik of Yugoslavia. Government of Nepal, Ministry of Tourism secured the services of Marketing .

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