Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Trump's Win Encourages The Rock to Run for President

Posted by Anup Baral November 22nd, 2016 :
Will ‘The rock’ be the next people’s president? Dwayne Johnson commanded the WWE stage he also commanded the box office with his impeccable acting skills and now Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has opened up about a possible presidential run and commanding the country. He took to Instagram on June 22 to discuss his thoughts on becoming President, he wrote“I care DEEPLY about our county… and the idea of one day becoming President to create real positive impact and global change is very alluring. Buuuuut until that possible day, the most important thing right now is strong honest leadership from our current and future leaders of this country.” earlier this month when Dwayne hinted at the possibility of a career in politics in an interview. Well when former professional bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger can be the Governor of California why cant WWE champion and actor Dwayne Johnson be an ideal president. Do you think Dwayne the rock Johnson would make for an ideal President?

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