Saturday, 12 November 2016

Uddab Raj Bhattrai And His Wife In Jeevan Sathi With Narayan Puri

Posted by Anup Baral Nov 12, 2016 :
In this video you can watch Rata Makai dancing in music video.His real name is Kiran K.C. who has a habit of saying "Eh Rata Makai". Jire Khursani is a popular Nepali sitcom that airs every Monday at 9pm NPT on Nepal Television. It is one of the most viewed television programs in Nepal. Jire Khursani is produced by Media Hub Pvt. Ltd.It started in 2003 and has been continuously airing since. It is produced and directed by Jeetu Nepal and Shivahari Paudel who are the main actors in the show as well.Jire Khursani basically portrays social problems suffered by everyday people with a comic punch. The show also features issues of polygamy where two wives of Shivahari Paudel live under the same roof with their children.

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