Friday, 4 November 2016

Why Pradeep Khadka And Puja Sharma Fought With Each Other ?

Posted by Anup Baral Nov 3, 2016 :
Prem Geet actor Pradeep Khadka shares his views regarding Archana Paneru with Canada Nepal. Archana Paneru during an interview said that she want to work with Prem Geet actor Pradeep Khadka which became viral. We caught Pradeep Khadka on an event where we asked him about Archana Paneru's wish. He smiled and took this in positive way and says he don't have any problem to work with Archana Paneru in the film. Being his career he don't want to have any objection on working with any actress. He may work as pair with Archana or may be he can work as brother sister also in the film. So he don't have any problem working with Archana. He also says that Archana haven't yet done any porn movies so this may be her tactic to get caught by media and come into limelight. So there is no any problem working with Archana Paneru in a same movie. Watch an exclusive video interview with Pradeep Khadka about Archana Paneru right here on Canada Nepal:

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