Saturday, 3 December 2016

Burning tire and Nepal's political demonstration

Posted by Anup Baral December 03, 2016 :
Banda, a form of protest, is a closure of business, blockade of roads, etc. has been continuously disrupting the normal life of Nepali people, for more than a decade—especially after the establishment of democracy in Nepal. To make bandha successful, piles of used (scrap) tires vehicles tires are put in the middle of the road and highways and are being burnt, affecting not only the normal flow of traffic and, but also the human health as well. Vehicle tires have been mostly used as a means of protests, as it burns to extreme temperatures for a long time, and emits heavy toxic black smoke into the atmosphere. To make Banda successful, burning tires has been the dirtiest practice in Nepal. Proctor acknowledges that, the black smoke that comes out from the burning tire retains in the atmosphere for a long period of time, and could have extremely negative consequences in human health. Emission from burning tires releases toxic gases to the atmosphere such as carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides and sulphur oxides, etc. And chronic exposure to this emission could lead to heart diseases, lung cancer, and several respiratory diseases—children’s and elderly in particular are at risk. Kathmandu city is unexpectedly urbanizing—Banda is adding up more pollution to the environment—and government effort controlling the rapid urbanization in Kathmandu Valley has been totally uncontrolled. Fine particles from the tire emission gets deeply settled in lungs; it has been found to cause excess mortality rate.

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