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Image Lok Kalakar - Interview with Kumar Basnet & Mira Rana - Mangsir 12

Posted by Anup Baral December 06, 2016 :Born on 2000 BS to father Ganga Bahadur Basnet and Mother Mankumari Basnet, Nepali singer Kumar Basnet is second child among his nine brothers and two sisters. He stayed at his ancestral home in Dolakha with his mother until the age of seven after which he came to Kathmandu and started his schooling from Padmodaya High School.
His father was interested in literature as well as music which is why his house was always accompanied by some of the popular literary figures of Nepal. Whenever they used to come, Kumar used to sing and dance the folk songs he had learned back in Dolakha. He got involved with Bhairav Nritya Dal, one of the most powerful organizations for conducting cultural programs, in the year 2009 BS without letting his family know and became famous as a dancer. In the year 2011 BS, he accompanied his father to Kapilvastu, Taulihawa, where he was transferred. He joined Buddha Ma. Vi. and during this time, he met Dharmaraj Thapa who took Kumar to meet with K. I. Singh. As his father was being transferred a lot, they send him to Gorakhpur, India for better study opportunities in 2013 BS. Durgish Films Presents!
Durgish Thapa's SAAYAD 2

New Nepali Movie Teaser: Saayad 2
Starring: Sushil Shrestha, Sharon Shrestha, Amrit Dhungana, Kushal Pandey, Sunil Rawal, Sushil Sitaula, Nisha Karki, Rubina Shrestha, Buddhi Lal Magar
Written & Directed by Pussparaj T Neupane
Producers: Sunil Rawal, Ishwor Shrestha, Suvash Lamichane
Co-produced by Hem Dev Gautam, Krishna Pradhan
Story by Sunil Rawal
Dialogue: Kedar Bhusal
Chief AD: Dinesh Rawat, Kedar Bhusal
AD: Dilip Bhandari
Production Designer: Buddhi Lal Magar
Brand Manager: Atul Raj Mainali
Drone Operator: Hari Tiwari
Constume Designer: Sweta Acharya
Poster Designer: Swapnil Acharya
Costume Provide by LVD Jeans
Costume Styles: Sujan Pariyar, Ranjeet Chettri
VFX: Krishna Shrestha
Choreographer: Govinda Rai, Vikram Swar
Action: Asta Maharjan
Art Director: Pasang Lama
Sound Design: Uttam Neupane
Backgroung Score: Imam Bikram Shah
Colorist: Rajendra Moktan
Edited by Dirgha Khadka
Cinematographer: Raju Bikram Thapa
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