Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Last Show Of Late RP Bhattarai - Video Memory

Posted by Anup Baral Dec 20, 2016 :
Popular comedian actor RP Bhattarai who is popularly known as Lajalam is a married man with two son. He got married with Saru Bhattarai. He shares his love story with us that he first fell in love with her and he proposed her with daring that he will marry her anyhow and he managed to impress her family and ask her hand for his life. Saru who didn’t accepted the propose of RP and said that she will do what her family says so RP asked with her father and married her. RP Bhattarai is popular with his character Lajalam which is from Tito Satya. Watch an exclusive interview with RP Bhattarai Lajalam and his wife Saru Bhattarai right here on Canada Nepal online television:

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