Thursday, 1 December 2016

Madhesi Morcha community rejects constitutional amendment bill

Posted by Anup Baral | December 01, 2016 :

Ethnic Madhesi leaders reject first amendment of Nepal's constitution which is voted upon by the Himalayan nation's parliament.The amendment proposal seeks to split some of the districts of the present Province No.5 and to incorporate them in Province No.4 and 6. Against this proposed change and in favour of a unified Province No.5, thousands of people across party lines have joined hands since yesterday morning. In order to woo the Madhes-based parties, the government has decided to create two provinces in Nepal’s southern plain. According to the new proposal, the southern plain will have two provinces – 2 and 6 – exclusively dominated by Madhesi population. In response to the proposal, six districts of Lumbini Zone of Nepal are tense since early morning as hundreds of people have taken to streets. These spontaneous mass rallies are supported by the CPN-UML and even ruling, NC and Maoist party cadre. Defying the party’s decision and instructions, cardres belong to the ruling parties took to streets and formed an alliance against the spilt of Province No.5.

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