Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Mazzako Guff with Samragyee RL Shah

Posted by Anup Baral Dec 21, 2016 :
Samragyee RL Shah is hot cake of Nepali film as her first debut film Dreams success has made her one of the most preferred actress for Nepali films. Samragyee is busy on working on her second film A Mero Hajur 2 which is being filmed at Pokhara. Samragyee RL Shah’s two facts have been revealed by a leading news site. Samragyee’s original name was Priyanka which she changed during her school days. Also she has a mark on her face which is visible so she reveals the fact behind the mark on her face which is an interesting fact. Samragyee’s demand for movie has increased rapidly. Watch an exclusive video report about the hidden facts of Samragyee RL Shah right here on Canada Nepal:

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