Thursday, 8 December 2016

Nepal Is At Risk From Another Big Earthquake

Posted by Anup Baral December 08, 2016 :
Despite several warnings issued by the national and international experts, the Nepalese are yet to be fully prepared for the consequences of inattention to a looming earthquake. As Nepal is celebrating the Earthquake Day, remembering the horror of 1934 earthquake, the time has come for policymakers, civil society and people to work and minimize the damage in life and property if an earthquake hits. The construction of buildings continues even as enforcement of the building codes is very weak in Nepal. Although Kathmandu Metropolitan City introduced the building code a few years back, its full implementation is far from realized. “Kathmandu Metropolitan City is now strictly enforcing the building code,” said Laxman Aryal, its chief. Given the present situation, there will be a heavy damage in case an earthquake measuring over 8 in the Richter scale or something equivalent to the great earthquake like of 1934.

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