Friday, 16 December 2016

Nepal's Three Main Parties Discuss

Posted by Anup Baral December 17, 2016 :
A clash ensued between the protesters and police in Libang, the headquarters of Rolpa district, Thursday, making the situation tensed. The protesters were holding demonstrations against the constitution amendment proposal the government registered in parliament, objecting to the provision of separating the hilly districts from Province-5. However, the Nepal Magar Association, Rolpa had organised a programme welcoming the proposal separating Rolpa district from Province-5 and including it in Province-4 when protest agitation was intensifying in the district. The protesters and the participants of the Magar Association programme both were holding their programmes at the same venue and all of a sudden started pelting stones at each other. Police, in its attempt to take the situation under control, rounded up some people from both sides, baton charged on the crowd and lobbed teargas shells. Eight persons from both sides have sustained injuries due to the baton charging by police.

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