Thursday, 29 December 2016

Paras broke royal tradition at Gorakhnath

Posted by Anup Baral December 29, 2016 :
The Madhesi Morcha which supported the new government from outside has stressed on the need for an amendment of Constitution Bill before going to polls. With the three major parties ready to hold local elections, the Morcha has expressed its concerns over the decision. The meeting of the morcha which was held in the Terai- Madhesh Loktantirk Party's office in Bijulibazar, Kathmandu, made an assessment of the present political scenario and agreed to continue the meeting. "The morcha is analysing the present political condition and in serious discussion today we decided to continue the meeting tomorrow also and will make formal announcement tomorrow afternoon at 1," said Brijesh Chandra Lal of the Terai Madhesh Democratic Party.

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