Saturday, 3 December 2016

Power News: Opposition parties protest

Posted by Anup Baral | December 03, 2016 :
With a steady rise in the number of drugs abusers every year in Nepal, the number of people arrested on the charge of its smuggling is noticeably increasing of late in the country. The statics of the past six years (2011-2015) made available by the Nepal Police show that a total of 15,496 drugs smugglers were arrested in the country in this period. The number of people arrested on the charge of drugs smuggling was 2,174 in the year 2011 and this number was counted at 2,475 till the end of August this year. Over 2,000 individuals were detained on overage every year in the last five years (till last year) on the charge of their involvement in drugs abuse and smuggling. The number of women is around over 100 every year.

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