Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Raped by grandfather, abused by father & given up by mother

She was raped by her grandfather. Anticipating support and comforting hugs, she confided in her mother but she received none. The mother chided her, beat her up, and blamed her of making up stories to disgrace the old man. The grandfather went on to repeat his crime many more times. The first time she was raped, ten years of age at the time, bled profusely. The grandfather took her to hospital. No one knows what transpired between the grandfather and the doctor but despite the tell-tale signs of sexual violence, no police case ever followed her treatment. Rape victim Pooja Kark being interviewed by a Nepal Police officer. Source : (Note for copyright issue Please contact the YouTube account or her father came home from abroad. She approached him for his fatherly protection. She did not receive it from him either. He raped her instead. Only this time the ordeal went on for 5 long years until she decided to take her own life by taking pesticide but was rescued by passers-by. This is the story of a young girl from Nepal. The local media call her Pooja Karki, an alias to protect her true identity. The victim is now safe and under the protection of Raksha Nepal, an NGO based in Kathmandu.

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