Sunday, 25 December 2016

Sajha Sawal : Capital air pollution can cause many disease

Posted by Anup Baral December 25, 2016 :
Nepal is a land- locked country betwee n India and China. Its rivers generally run north to south and divide Nepal into many deep valleys. The Terai, a rich alluvia l plain 20 to 30 miles wide, lies on the southern border of Nepal. Although this terrain is suitable for agricultural production an d contains very heavy forest growth, l ack of roads, communication, and electricity in Nepal separate the people who live in this country’s isolated rural communitie s. The lack of communication handica ps all prospects of development . All isolated di stricts tend to follow a pattern of subsistence economy of the most primitive and basic type. In some localities, the soil and climate is suitable for raising cash crops of comparatively high value, a nd some places are fitting for the development of cheap hydroele ctric power. The problem is market and transportation . The lack of a transportation system is the greatest barrier to putting these natural resources to use for the benefit of all . Without transport, administration is costly and the government cannot effec tively fulfill its role of uplifting economic and communities' welfare. The forest in Nepal is approximately four times larger than State of Utter Pradesh in India, but due partly to the lack of transport Nepal’s income is much less even though the natural quality of the forest is better. In these circumstances not only do trade and production languish but also there prevails a general lack of economic security.

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