Thursday, 29 December 2016

Sandip Chhetri's Stand Up Comedy At Fashion Show In Kathmandu - Video

Posted by Anup Baral Dec 30, 2016 :
Sandip Chhetri is popular for his character Mithailal Jyadav which is featured in the comedy show ‘What The Flop’. Sandip Chhetri who attended a fashion show held at Kathmandu where he has gave a stand up comedy for more than 20 minutes where he made all the audience laugh out loud. He satire many top Nepali celebrities in his unique style where he included new generation actress Samragyee RL Shah to legendary director Tulshi Ghimire. He also satire journalist and their way of finding news and presenting the news. He also satire Nepali songs and its lyrics in a funny style. A must watch video where Sandip will make you laugh out loud. Enjoy this comedy video of Sandip Chhetri right here on Canada Nepal:

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