Thursday, 15 December 2016

Shivam - The Warrior (2016) Hindi Dubbed Movies 2016 Full Movie | Upendra, Ragini`

Posted by Anup Baral December 16, 2016 : This is a wonderful commercial entertainer in the combination of Upendra, Srinivasaraju and Dr CR Manohar. Scintillating part of the film is the screenplay and preserving the suspense on the action of hero in multiple responsibilities. For all questions in the mind Srinivasaraju gives a splendid answer. Director Srinivasaraju also showcase how important is ‘Dharma’. He has given cinematic end to terrorism and attack on this sub continent India. ‘Shivam’ is director Srinivasaraju best so far. His home work and struggle is understandable after watching the film. He knows how to mix complicated issues and make it convincing. With international attack on India and ‘Dharma’ on the other side director Srinivasaraju from this film ‘Shivam’ also graduate the audience intelligence. He is quick, dashing and appealing in his narration.
At the climax, priest Shivaprasad saying the two ears of every Indian hears Kausalya Supraja Rama….and Allah O Akbar and living peacefully deserves national applaud for director Srinivasaraju. In the highly respected family of Paramashiva, priest of ancient Shiva temple the several generations have continued rituals in a systematic manner. Paramashiva (Srinivasamurthy) wants his first son to take up the link. I am not for it and my scientific launches are important says the first son. When the tormentors are about to take on the temple with ulterior motives, Shivaprasad (Upendra) second son of Paramashiva comes up with precise answer. While there is battle for Shivaprasad outside this religious work, he takes stern decision and proves through his knowledge his strength to continue his father Paramashiva tradition. An array of religious knowledge test is made for Shivaprasad and the elders in the society are confirmed that he is fit for rituals to Lord Shiva.

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