Monday, 19 December 2016

UML youth leader Durga Tiwari shot dead in Rupandehi

Posted by Anup Baral Dec 19, 2016 :
Actor Rajesh Hamal went to theater to watch blockbuster Nepali film Chhakka Panjja with some of his NRN friends. He didn’t came with wife which became a good cause for laughing at theater. Rajesh Hamal made the environment at theater very fun and interesting where everyone were laughing and enjoying. Rajesh Hamal also praised the film and said that he enjoyed the film lot. Deepa Shree Niraula who is unmarried had some fun time with Rajesh Hamal when they had some interaction about late marriage. Rajesh Hamal also gave his funny expression about his age. Rajesh Hamal who rarely watch Nepali film and attend premiere went to watch the film at theater. Deepak Raj Giri later joined Rajesh Hamal and took his views regarding the film. Watch an exclusive video coverage right here on Canada Nepal:

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