Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Women tortured for being 'witches' died

Posted by Anup Baral December 13, 2016 :
As incidents of women facing inhuman treatment and torture on charges of witchcraft continues unabated across Nepal, a conference of women rights activists underscored the need for endorsing the country’s proposed anti-witchcraft bill at the earliest. The conference, which included women’s rights activists from five districts of the eastern region, was held in Lahan and demanded that the first meeting of the Nepalese Constituent Assembly should endorse the draft of a proposed anti-witchcraft bill prepared by National Women Rights Forum of Kahtmandu.Activists believe that awareness of harmful myths surrounding witch-craft should be spread more effectively across the country because of concerns such superstitions result in the victimisation of innocent women. According to documented case studies by women’s rights groups, the elderly, widows, or extremely poor are often singled out as witches. In addition, many are of low caste.

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