Sunday, 8 January 2017

Birgunj Police arrested two truck driver

Posted by Anup Baral January 08, 2017 : The Peoples democratic movement of 1990 reinstated the multi party democratic system. The Police Reform Commission was constituted in the year 1992 and Modernisation of the Police Organisation started to tune with the aspirations of the people and norms of Multi-Party system. Police personnel deployed in UN Mission from 1991.
Nepal saw the dawn of democracy after the fall of the Rana regime. The Police Head Quarters was established in 1952 in Kathmandu. Mr. Toran Shamsher J.B.Rana was appointed the first Inspector General of Police. The Police Act, 2012 BS (1956 AD) came into effect. The Police Regulation, 2015 BS (1959 AD) came into effect. The Parliamentary Government under the multi-party system was adopted for some years which was followed by Panchayat System since 1960. The establishment of the Central Police Training Centre in 1963. The role of Police was focussed mainly in safeguarding the interest of the ruling system.

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