Monday, 2 January 2017

Iron found in different parts of Nepal

Posted by Anup Baral January 02, 2017 :
Archaeological items which are believed to be thousands of years old have been found in Dewalhat, located in the south of Baitadi district headquarters, state-owned news agency RSS reports. Dozens of utensils of metals like gold, silver, copper, iron, and bronze and earthenware were found while renovating a Dewal (temple) built in ancient times. Various items of various shapes and sizes, three large swords, idols and some rice (paddy) in some utensils have been found in Dewalhat, which is linked with the history of the Puranic stories of the Pandavas and Kauravas in the battle of Mahabharata some 5,000 years ago. After the objects were found in second floor of one of the seven temples in Dewalhat, they are kept safely by creating an affidavit at the presence of District Administration Office, a local Ishwori Dutta Bhatta told RSS.

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