Monday, 9 January 2017

Khabar Bhitra Ko Khabar: Tatopani, Liping Bazar

Posted by Anup Baral January 09, 2017 :
Conditions of areas surrounding Tatopani, is growing worse day by day as the cracked mountains continue to give into the incessant monsoon rainfall. The road stretch between Chaku to Liping Bazaar is full of landslides and very risky to drive through. The road that connects China and Nepal has been the backbone of trade between both nations, but transportation through it, still remains an impossible endeavor to take. The area has been epicenter to many aftershocks and this has weakened its geological structure and integrity. It was seriously damaged with the April 26 and May 12 aftershocks. Faults had appeared on boulders, land stretches were split and a number of dry landslides were trigged during the aftershocks and in the aftermath. Though, these had subsided with the decreasing frequency of the aftershocks lately, continuous rainfall in the cracked area, have made it more prone to landslides.

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