Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Rajesh Hamal goes to Dharan International Film Festival

Posted by Dhruba shrestha Jan 12, 2017 :
Rajesh Hamal About this sound Listen is a Nepalese actor who brought a revolution in Nepalese cinema. He has received many awards for his acting including the National Film Awards from 1988–2014. He is often called the “Maha-Nayak” (Great Actor) for his contribution to Nepalese cinema. He is considered a dominant figure in bringing professionalism in the Nepalese film industry. Rajesh Hamal goes to Dharan International Film Festival. Actor Rajesh Hamal has gone to Dharan to judge the movies screened in the International Film Festival 2016 held there. Rajesh Hamal is one of the five judges at the festival – four others are from China, Japan, India and Nepal.

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