Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Snow in Dolakha, Nepal

Posted by Anup Baral January 4, 2017 :
The westerly wind has changed weather with light rain and snowfall in various parts of the country on Monday too. The westerly entered in Nepal on Sunday resulting in weather change in the mid hills of western region and in all parts of the central and eastern regions, said Weather Forecasting Division. Meteorologist Shanti Kandel informed the National News Agency (RSS) these areas would see rainfall this night too. She added that the weather change will continue on Tuesday too. As the westerly will have gradual decline from west to the east, the weather condition would improve gradually from the west. The Kathmandu Valley also saw light rain Monday evening. With the change in weather, the temperature declined to 2.6 centigrade in Kathmandu Valley. Jiri of Dolakha witnessed 5.1 mm rainfall while Jumla recorded 0.3 mm on Monday. Jiri people faced tough time with sharp decline in mercury (-) 2 centigrade. RSS

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