Saturday, 7 January 2017

Talk with Nisha Adhikari

Posted by Anup Baral January 07, 2017 :
Nisha Adhikari loves doing experiment which also brings her into controversies as well as creates rumors about her. Nisha Adhikari who has signed new film titled as Parshuram which will be directed by Roj Rana talked with Canada Nepal about her marriage plan. Nisha Adhikari smiled and said that she don't have any recent plans for getting married. She says that her mind may change also within a month but not sure she don't want to get into marriage responsibility right now. She also shared that she haven't got any propose for marriage also yet. Nisha Adhikari is also planning to climb another mountain shortly. She reveals in the interview about her plan for climbing another mountain. She also shares about her upcoming movie projects which she has already signed. Check out an exclusive video interview with Nisha Adhikari right here on Canada Nepal:

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