Saturday, 7 January 2017

The tragedy of world's thinnest woman

Posted by Dhruba shrestha Jan 8, 2017 :
Tom Staniford is a professional cyclist whose skinny condition is as a result of a rare condition which prevents his body from storing fat. Tom, who is 24 and a British citizen, is one out of the eight people in the world that are suffering from MDP syndrome. The cause of this rare condition was a mystery to doctors until recently when doctors came up with a meticulous explanation of what might be the real cause of the condition. But still, the condition cannot be treated. At the age of 24, with a height of six-feet-three, Tom weighs about 66 pounds. The condition has, however, not succeeded in holding back his dreams. He leads a perfectly normal life — both professional and personal life. And he’s married to Alice, whom he claims has been his greatest supporter in life and the greatest source of his inspiration. He is also optimistic of winning gold in the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics that is deemed to occur in 2016.

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