Saturday, 7 January 2017

Top 10 Tallest Women in the World

Posted by Dhruba shrestha Jan 8, 2017 :
A good height is seen as a gift and a feature that adds to a person’s beauty. However, for some people it may be problem when you talk about clothes, footwear, health issues and other things they may regret not being able to enjoy due to their heights. There are people who die for having a good height while others who are happy with their cute little heights. For the people who love sports and modeling, tallness is bliss. Here areThe first woman we talk about is from Las Vegas. Born as an American, she’s about 6ft, 5.5 inches tall and is very popular in USA. She’s respected in USA because of her height. Clothes and health maybe a problem to maintain, but it’s just okay when you get fame and respect in return!

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