Monday, 2 January 2017

Visit To Daman Palung KATHMANDU

Posted by Dhruba shrestha Jan 2, 2017 :
Daman trek is now a fine memory, four days later, and now after a day at work in the sands of Abu Dhabi. As always hiking in Nepal lived up to expectation and delivered a great experience. We started from Palung an area full of verdant vegetable gardens. The way to Daman was gradual, rich with rhododendrons, easy on the feet and fine for reestablishing Chi balance. We did not encounter any downhill travelers this time, save an old women carrying straw. March is a ripe season for hiking in the Himalayan countryside and it is a great gift that some of the trails have remained hidden from the overwhelming tourists. We had lunch at a fine house at the summit, with lovely stone stairway. I really have to admit that the beer never tasted better. Furthermore we were rewarded with a brief glimpse of Mt. Langtang. You learn something new on each hike, and this time I learnt that “Ram has eyes in the back of his head.” I bid adieu to my fellow hikers with the following CEO announcements

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