Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Who made the picture of Prithivi Narayan Shaha

Posted by Dhruba shrestha Jan 11, 2017 :
Prithvi Narayan Shah, King of Gorkha was the first King of unified Nepal. He is credited for starting the campaign for a unified Nepal, for Gorkha kingdom expansion. He was the ninth generation descendant of Dravya Shah (1559–1570), the founder of the ruling house of Gorkha. Prithvi Narayan Shah succeeded his father, King Nara Bhupal Shah, to the throne of the Gorkha Kingdom in 1743, at the age of 20. All the Nepali are willing to know that who had made the picture of Prithivi Narayan Shaha. The face of Prithivi Narayan Shaha which is shown now is only the hypothetical picture of the painter only. The face which we know is fake. Actually this is only the Imaginary face.

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